Partner Africa is a leading social enterprise and a pioneer in the field of ethical and socially responsible business practice. We work in partnership to deliver high quality and innovative ethical trade services and capacity building programs to the private sector across Africa.

We are driven by a social mission to improve the livelihoods of workers and producers, while assisting access to international supply chains, bridging the gap between Africa and the international community.
Partner Africa has a skilled and passionate team of over 100 individuals across 42 African countries, providing ethical audits, assessments, capacity building, training, and consulting services for international brands

and retailers, local suppliers, producers and small holder farmers, as well as governments, NGOs and trade organisations.

We are here to help you with your supply chain. Whether you need an assessment of a supplier site or want to engage in deeper support through a training and capacity building programme our professional teams on-the-ground can assist. If you are interested in moving beyond the traditional audit approach focusing more on positive change and best practice we can support this through innovative programmes tailored to your needs.

Short video about our work, or download a General Overview (PDF).


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