Local People, Local Solutions
By employing local expertise, we give our clients a unique insight into the context, culture, regulations, standards, labour laws and working practices in the countries where we work. This ensures that the services we offer are well balanced and easily accessible to local cultures and sensitivities.

Participatory Approach
Partner Africa uses a combination of participatory methodologies and techniques throughout all our ethical trade services. A participatory approach allows the inclusion of all levels of workers in auditing activities and training programmes regardless of literacy or language barriers.

Gender Balance
We employ a good balance of both genders across our associate teams. This ensures that the profile of the workforce is reflected in the make up of the team as workers are more comfortable when they engage in worker interviews and training programmes.

Extensive Pan African Network
Partner Africa is operational across five regions: North Africa & the Near East, Southern Africa, East and Central Africa, West Africa, and the Indian Ocean.

Working in Partnership
Developing partnerships and joining trade associations raises our profile as a credible body within the industry, and enables us to develop services according to sector needs and market demand.

Internationally Recognised
Partner Africa is an approved ethical audit provider for a wide range of leading international brands and retailers.

Social Entrepreneurship
We aim to improve the livelihoods of local workers and producers while promoting socially responsible business practices. Any surplus generated from our services is used as seed capital to access larger funds from institutional donors so that we can also deliver trade development projects, supporting the livelihoods of vulnerable workers and their communities.


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