Partner Africa’s consultancy services allows clients to draw on upon our experienced teams on the ground, who provide local knowledge, and understand the local laws and culture.

We provide a variety of client specific services which are summarized in the table below;

ASSESSMENT Measuring impact, gap analysis, community impact assessments, needs assessments, pre and post assessments • International Brands and Retailers with supply chain development programmes or CSR projects
• Governments, Donors, NGOs working in the international trade arena
• Establishing a community baseline and follow up impact assessment in rural Senegal for an agriculture project
• Understanding the impact of Fairtrade tea on a community in Malawi
• Monitoring and data collection for a major certification scheme
LOCAL RESEARCH Context analysis, capacity mapping, developing expansion plans, understanding local trends and demand • Individual/Group of International Brands and Retailers wanting to research supply chain issues
• NGOs / Campaigning groups on ethical trade issues
• Understanding smallholder compliance with supplier standards
• Researching child labour in a particular product sector
SUPPLYING LOCAL KNOWLEDGE Using our local knowledge to inform international companies • Companies seeking to understand more about the practical realities of working in Africa
• Projects needing specific local knowledge and/or technical input
• Helping a major wind energy company undertake the initial context analysis in Kenya
• Advising a US fashion brand on the reality of doing business in Africa
• Local research on the feasibility of outsourcing certification schemes assurance processes
SUPPLYING INTERNATIONAL KNOWLEDGE Using our international knowledge to inform local companies • Local companies and cooperatives seeking to export to Europe and US
• Advising smallholder tea, coffee and horticulture cooperatives and small producers in Africa to better understand the challenges and opportunities in export markets


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