Partner Africa is an international not-for-profit social enterprise recognised by global brands and ethical trading bodies to carry out ethical audits of producers across Africa and the Near East. We audit against a range of ethical standards including the SMETA 2 and 4 Pillar, ETI base code and individual supplier codes of conduct. Driven by a social mission to improve the livelihoods of vulnerable workers we implement a participatory approach to auditing.

Partner Africa Factory

A Partner Africa audited factory

We use a combination of participatory methodologies that enables workers to take a more active part in the audit process. Workers can freely explain the true nature of their working conditions, without the need for high levels of literacy, or from fear of reprisals from management. Our participatory approach also enables auditors to understand the root causes of specific and often more sensitive issues, such as exploring sexual harassment or discrimination.

▸ Download a complete overview of our Audits and Assessment Programmes (PDF)

For more information please contact: audits@partnerafrica.org


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