Businesses and individuals often struggle to meet their sustainability goals without the proper support. Partner Africa’s training programmes are designed to increase capacity, and improve practical knowledge and management skills within companies aiming to enter or improve their presence in international markets.

Our programmes aim to improve the systems, structures and processes required to achieve ethical business goals of international companies with African based operations.

Partner Africa Training Session

A Partner Africa Training Session

Partner Africa offers a range of training programmes that are invaluable to African based companies. Our training programmes cover general ethical trade awareness and compliance to global standards as well as address some of the most common areas of non-compliance. We also offer training in certification processes for Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade.


Our training programmes have been designed to transform the traditional classroom setting into an interactive participatory approach.

Our participatory training methodology strengthens peer to peer learning, while considering literacy levels, language, backgrounds, cross cultural settings, tribal differences, factory/farm locations and worker situations.

For these reasons, we invest in and assign local trainers who have the relevant local knowledge and languages if needed. Partner Africa is also able to provide translators, so that migrant workers can also participate.

Our experience shows that during the workshop or course the trainees tend to undergo a significant change in attitude and approach. This initial change is the first stage in the process, so it is important that we allow this change to happen and are confident that as the workshop or course progresses, participants will move through this phase when they begin to develop and appreciate a deeper understanding of their potential role in managing development activities.

Some examples of the participatory approaches used in training include: use of energizers, ice breakers, role-playing, case studies, open discussions, and situational activities which incorporate games and scenarios to help trainees better understand a difficult situation.


In order to help supply chain participants achieve their highest potential, Partner Africa has a long term commitment in undertaking capacity building programmes and activities, which strengthen the skills, knowledge, and behaviours of individuals and other stakeholders across supply chains. By doing this, we aim to improve our client’s systems, structures and operations/practices so that they can competitively achieve their ethical business goals. This enables us to offer a climate in which participants can develop trust and feel accepted, valued and sufficiently confident enough to take responsibility for their own learning potential. Our programmes therefore address the root causes of issues collaboratively, while providing an environment in which various stakeholders can discuss issues and implement strategies for addressing new issues, resulting in a direct impact as well as long term sustainable change.

▸ Download a complete overview of our Training Programmes (PDF)

For more information please contact: training@partnerafrica.org


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