Advisory Services

Supporting clients with every aspect of human rights due diligence and responsible sourcing processes.

Country-specific advisory on risks, impact, implementation, and more

Driven by a team of over 50+ skilled local professionals across Africa and in the UK, we provide clients with unique insights into the context, culture, laws and regulations in each country, as well as the cultural, political and economic dynamics that impact workers and their communities.

We enable our clients to demonstrate a robust commitment to respecting human rights and responsible business practices throughout their organisation and supply chain by developing: responsible business strategies, human rights and responsible sourcing policies, and tools and resources to implement these policy commitments for the improved working conditions and livelihood of their workers.

We enable our clients to understand actual and potential human rights risks in their operations and supply chains, as well as potential positive impacts of their operations on workers and community members. • In addition to our deep dive research investigations and root cause analysis, we deliver the following assessments: human rights risk, human rights impact, workplace or facility and living wage gap assessments.
Prevention, Mitigation and Remediation
We guide our clients to act upon our findings to: prevent, mitigate and remediate human rights risks and impacts; address the root causes of poor working conditions; and to implement opportunities for improvement.
Monitor, Report and Communicate
We ensure that clients understand the impacts and progress of their human rights programme and projects. This includes developing reports on impacts and findings, and transparent communication with internal and external stakeholders.

Bespoke solutions for any organisation

As part of our prevention, mitigation and remediation services, we deliver tailormade trainings to smallholders, suppliers and international businesses; we develop bespoke corrective action plans, including supporting implementation; we develop guides, manuals and toolkits; and we implement grievance mechanisms to remediate for violations.

Our advisory approach seeks for


Our teams actively search for innovative ways to involve stakeholders throughout the advisory process.


We proactively develop key partnerships and are active in trade associations, allowing us to bring direct economic and social benefits to workers.


We are committed to active learning and listening, and always using a culturally sensitive approach to communication and data gathering.

The worker voice

We collect and listen to workers’ and farmers’ views, opinions and beliefs. They are central to our research and activities, allowing us to gather accurate, robust data that drives decision making.

“We truly value Partner Africa as an independent partner. Through thorough assessments into aspects of our value chain, they help us to identify areas and means for improvements.”


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