Project Management Services

We’re proud to support projects that respect people and the environment.

Partner Africa implements projects that improve the lives of workers and producers and address the root causes of poor working conditions.

These are projects that tackle the worst forms of exploitation in international supply chains, including modern slavery, sexual harassment and discrimination, and child labour.

We also help clients implement projects that address issues of climate change, youth employment, community development and broader social issues within communities.

We work in partnership with companies, government and civil society organisations to deliver projects that have impact.

Forms of exploitation include:

Modern Slavery
Sexual Harassment
Child Labour
Fair Wages
Health & Safety

Leveraging worker voice technologies

We work with partner companies to make use of technological tools that help us gather valuable input from workers and suppliers. This provides us with important qualitative and quantitative data, which informs project plans and implementation as we work towards raising labour standards and improving the lives of workers and their communities.

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Building a better world, project by project

Every project counts – and those that are geared towards preventing and actively seeking to improve the livelihoods of Africa’s workforce are instrumental in building a better world for all.

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