We're Partner Africa

We’re a registered NGO with a mission to improve the working conditions and livelihoods of vulnerable workers and producers in Africa, addressing all forms of exploitation. In addition to our London office, we are based throughout Africa, with offices in Nairobi and Cape Town.

Our work is guided by the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and through our auditing and advisory services, we identify and address the salient human rights risks in African supply chains. By doing this, we aim to improve our client’s systems and practices so that they can achieve their responsible business goals.

We work in partnership with global brands, ethical trading bodies, industry associations, government agencies and donors to deliver on our mission and create sustainable change for vulnerable workers and communities in Africa.

Strong ethics and a respect for human rights form the bedrock of any thriving business

It takes the courage and humanity of true changemakers to ensure that this is always upheld in communities, and in business.

Our values inform our approach to every single project







Local people, local solutions

We insist on employing local experts. This allows us to give our clients unique and specific insights into the context, culture, regulations, standards, labour laws and working practices in the countries in which we’re active. This way, we’re able to provide intelligently designed services to our clients that always consider local cultural, political and economic dynamics.

We strive for gender diversity

By ensuring diverse project teams, we can build a workforce that is reflected in the make-up of the team. This allows a greater level of comfort for workers when they engage in worker interviews, surveys and training programmes.

Collaboration and inclusivity

We’re proud to use a combination of participatory methodologies and techniques throughout our range of ethical trade services. This includes all levels of workers in auditing activities, research and training programmes, regardless of literacy or language barriers.

Partner Africa is trusted by many leading international brands and retailers, as well as one of the globe’s biggest ethical trade bodies.

We're a registered APSCA Member and approved ethical audit provider for SEDEX, SIZA, WIETA, TCCC, Unilever and Heineken. Our advisory team are the chosen partners of AIM-Progress and the Ethical Trade Initiative in Africa.

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