AIM-Progress Africa Hub Living Wage Pilot Project

“The living wage training was extremely helpful in broadening my understanding of the living wage”


Key Outputs:

6 suppliers based in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria from the bottling, security, commercial printing, alcohol plastic products and non-food manufacture industries participated.
This project gathered information on the Living Wage gaps of 973 employees across all businesses.
A Living Wage learning paper assessing the wages of African based employees.
A publicly available Executive summary of the Learning Paper.
A webinar for AIM-Progress members launching the learning paper with over 20 participants attending.

AIM-Progress is a forum of 45 leading Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturers and common suppliers, assembled to enable and promote responsible sourcing practices and sustainable supply chains. They focus on brand and supplier capability building, mutual recognition of audits and other types of supplier assessments and leveraging influence in supply chains. Their human rights working groups focus on responsible recruitment, grievance mechanisms, living wages and impact measurement. Through their work, they positively impact people’s lives and ensure respect for human rights. For more information, please visit: https://aim-progress.com/

Partner Africa facilitates the AIM-Progress Africa Hub that brings together AIM-Progress Members operating in Africa (AB Foods, ABInBev, Coca-Cola, Danone, Diageo, Reckitt, SIG, Unilever and Hershey). As part of the Hub’s 2022 activities, Partner Africa designed, managed and implemented a Living Wage Pilot Project for suppliers of the Africa Hub members based throughout Africa.

The activities included:
  • An onboarding process which included introduction calls and invitation letters to suppliers to explain their responsibilities, expectations and benefits of participating.
  • Identifying Living Wage benchmarks for each of the supplier’s regions. The Anker Methodology was preferred, however, not available for many of the supplier’s regions so instead this project purchased and used the WageIndicator Typical Family methodology.
  • Supplier training on the Living Wage and how to complete the IDH Salary Matrix online tool, which calculates workers’ remuneration taking into account their wages, in-kind benefits and bonuses and compares it against the Living Wage benchmark for their region.
  • Partner Africa’s IDH Living Wage certified auditors visiting each of the six participating suppliers to verify the data inputted by suppliers and to make amendments and support where needed.
  • The analysis of Living Wage Gap reports (automatically generated by the IDH Salary Matrix) by Partner Africa to identify overall trends, patterns, findings, learnings and recommendations which fed into a final learning paper.
  • Separate annexes with tailor-made advice for each supplier on how they can get closer to the living wage benchmark were provided to participating suppliers.
  • Individual calls with suppliers and buyers to discuss the findings of the project and next steps.
  • A webinar organised by Partner Africa for all AIM-Progress members (not limited to those of the Africa Hub) to launch the learning paper and discuss the key findings and recommendations. Unilever and ABInBev and one of the suppliers participating in this project were amongst the guest speakers.

“Partner Africa successfully implemented the Living Wage Pilot Project on behalf of AIM-Progress across Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Kenya. Their thorough understanding of the topic together with their hands-on approach of managing the project proved very successful and we look forward to implementing further projects with Partner Africa.”

The executive summary of the learning paper, outlining the project’s key findings, learnings and take-aways, can be accessed here.

Following the success of the project, Partner Africa is interested in supporting organisations with the topic of Living Wage. Contact us via advisory@partnerafrica.org to discuss how we can help facilitate.

“The Living wage topic is not widely known and discussed in South Africa. Therefore, the knowledge gained on this topic was beneficial.”


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