Facilitation of the AIM-Progress Africa Hub

AIM-Progress is a is a global initiative of fast-moving consumer goods manufacturers and their common suppliers, joining forces to drive positive change in their supply chains. AIM-Progress works in a pre-competitive environment with 45+ members from a diverse set of international brands and suppliers linked through the commonality of their supply chains. Their mission is to positively impact people’s lives and ensure respect for human rights while delivering value to their members and their supply chains. They have different regional hubs and subject specific hubs.

Partner Africa facilitates the AIM-Progress Africa Hub that brings together AIM-Progress Members operating in Africa (AB Foods, ABInbev, Coca-Cola, Danone, Diageo, Reckitt, SIG, Unilever and Hershey and also Heineken up until last year). As part of this Partner Africa develops regular newsletters, sharing best practice examples and resources to support members and their suppliers to grow sustainably and improve the lives of their workers. In addition, Partner Africa organises quarterly meetings for the AIM-Progress Africa Hub members to share developments within the hub and discuss updates and recent developments in the business and human rights field in Africa. During most meetings, a guest speaker (e.g. specific subject-matter expert) is invited to provide insights into key topics of the hubs concerns (e.g. on sexual harassment; or how to do business in conflict-affected states). Partner Africa also organises collaborative projects (e.g. on Living Wage) for members and their suppliers.

Over the past couple of years, Partner Africa has organised four virtual supplier events for African-based suppliers and key operating staff of AIM-Progress Africa Hub Members. This case study looks at the virtual supplier event organised in 2022, explaining the highlights and benefits of organising and having a supplier event.

Attending suppliers learnt best practices, gained insights, shared experiences, and took home next steps applicable to their needs and realities concerning key emerging and problem areas in African supply chains. The event was organised for African-based suppliers supplying companies that are members of the AIM-Progress African hub. The overarching theme focused on building resilient and sustainable African businesses, considering people, planet, and profit. The sessions included:

  • Initiating and Maintaining an Effective Business Continuity framework to survive and thrive facilitated by Sentinel Africa
  • The Living Wage: ending poverty through securing living wages facilitated by Impact Buying and IDH
  • Workers representation/committees: raising workers’ voices to impact sustainable success facilitated by Partner Africa
  • Ethical recruitment practices – Managing your recruitment risk for a sustainable future facilitated by Stronger Together

In total:

  • There were two interactive half days of training
  • 62 suppliers joined us from over 20 countries
  • Most suppliers joined from South Africa, Eswatini and Egypt, Nigeria and Kenya
  • Suppliers from a variety of industries were present, including packaging, bottling, raw food, non-food manufacture, security, logistics companies

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the presentations. Thank you to all of the Presenters who were so knowledgeable on each subject matter. I have also really enjoyed seeing how so many parties in the supply chain process are involved in this call and that there is a common understanding that collaboration and employee engagement are steps we should be taking in order to have sustainable and resilient Businesses”

— AIM-Progress Africa Hub Supplier

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