International Day of Peace: A Mindset of Peace as a Catalyst for Growth

At Partner Africa, we are honoured to have Dr Chinyere Almona, Chief Executive at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce (LCCI), as a Board member.

“Born with a name that means ‘peace’, Chinyere is indeed one of the most peaceful people I know,” says Sara Clancy, Partner Africa’s Executive Director. Today, on the International Day of Peace, we’d like to share one of Chinyere’s recent reflections on the power of peace, which we all found very special.

PA Member
Dr Chinyere Almona

Chief Executive at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce (LCCI)

Says Chinyere, “From my experience over the years, a mindset of peace empowers people with the tools and skills they need to manage conflict. Generally, when we live in peace, we are better able to make good decisions than when we are embroiled in conflict and confusion. We can also better work through issues with colleagues and ensure practical resolutions.”

A mindset of peace helps individuals look at conflict as a growth opportunity – instead of as a problem – and ultimately makes for a more respectful and collaborative workplace. We firmly believe that peace ensures robust performance and enduring productivity. 

Building a Culture of Peace in the Workplace

Maintaining peace and order in the workplace must be a collective effort. Everyone should play a part in preventing conflicts and nurturing peace, but leaders must be at the forefront of driving all efforts to entrench peace as a fundamental element of the company culture.

As Deepak Chopra says, “Being a unit of peace brings inner satisfaction of a special kind; you deserve to experience it for yourself.” We at Partner Africa encourage everyone, especially today, to intentionally embrace, embody, and encourage peace all around them.

Do you need assistance with developing a peaceful workforce?

We have established a partnership with Ulula to support companies with developing effective grievance mechanisms. Please reach out if you would like any further information on how to develop a thriving and peaceful working environment.

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